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Categories: Published On: September 19th, 2021

Insurance Auto Auction has a limited amount of vehicles that do not require a special dealers license, but the majority of the Clean and Salvage title vehicles do require a special dealers license to bid. This is why you will need a Broker to assist you with your bidding.

AutoBidBroker is a registered broker for IAA, that provides you with exclusive access to bid and buy IAA vehicles. No dealer license is required! We will take care of the licensing for you and also provide you with a very simple process to buy your vehicle. Rember, AutoBidBroker is independent of IAA. This means that when you use our services, you are buying vehicles through us and not through an Auction Company.

  • How to get started? Simple!
    1. Register. We have 2 levels of membership options
    2. Place a refundable security deposit. Minimum starts $600
    3. Upload a copy of your government-issued ID, or Passport

Then we quickly verify your account, provide you with your own login access to and you will be ready to bid.

How Bidding Works:

Every Auction has 2 phases: 1.- Prelaminar Bidding and 2.- Live Auction

1: Preliminary Bidding
The length of Preliminary Bidding varies from lot to lot. Preliminary Bidding will last until the Sale Date in the Sales Information section of the lot page. This is perfect for those that don’t have time or the will to join the live auction.

2: Live Auction
The Live Auction starts 1 hour after Preliminary Bidding ends. Live auctions typically have a length of only a few minutes. You may join a Live Auction from any lot page with the “Join Live Auction” button.

When you win an auction, you will receive an invoice and wire transfer instruction to the email address we have on file. Payment must be made in full to AutoBidBroker. Payment is due the next business day after the end of the auction by 5 pm Central Time.

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