The Steps To Bidding

Categories: Published On: September 19th, 2021

To be able to bid on dealer auctions without the need to have a dealers license you will need to complete all these steps. All payments and vehicle documentation come through AutoBidBroker, we are independent of IAA.

Register with us, simply click on Register here. Enter your contact details, upload a government issued ID, Drivers License, or passport and then purchase a AutoBidBroker membership. The process is simple and quick.

Make a 100% refundable Security Deposit to AutoBidBroker. The minimum deposit amount is $600. With a $600 security deposit you can bid up to $6,000. If you need to bid higher than that you will simply make a bigger security deposit. It is 10% of the intended max bid, so if you wanted to bid $10,000 on a car you would need to deposit 10% of $10,000 which would be $1,000.  To make the deposit please call 1-305-359-6939.

After you have completed the registration process, AutoBidBroker will verify your account and then IAA will provide login information so you can directly access The bidder account is from, allowing bidding, vehicle searches, history, and more all from

AutoBidBroker does not make you bid and manage vehicle searches from our website we want you to fully utilize bidding system. The account you have with AutoBidBroker is for managing your AutoBidBroker membership, making security deposits, and managing billing. This gives our customers greater control over the bidding and their account. You won’t get this with other brokers.

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