Types of Auctions

Categories: Published On: September 28th, 2021
  • AuctionNow™ – AuctionNow is IAA’s digital bidding platform. It has four bid status messages with color backgrounds so they are easy to recognize at a glance. They include green for “High bidder” and “Reserve off”, red for “You’ve been outbid”, and blue for “Bidding in progress.” The “Outbid” bid status persists for a given buyer as long as they are losing on that stock.
  • IAA Timed Auctions™ – Timed Auctions is a new way to bid, buy, and get an exclusive first look at inventory before it goes to the live auction. Instead of going into a regularly-scheduled auction, vehicles in Timed Auctions are open for bidding online typically for about 24 hours before a live auction, and each vehicle has a unique deadline when bidding will end. Each vehicle in Timed Auctions has a reserve price, and the first valid bid must be placed above a certain minimum “Starting Bid” amount. For more information about Timed Auctions, view IAA’s Timed Auctions Video for more information.
  • IAA Buy Now™ – Buy Now is an immediate online purchasing option that allows you to buy select vehicles for a set price.
  • Online Exclusive Sale – Rec Rides – Rec Rides is an online exclusive auction dedicated solely to Powersports including motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis and more. Rec Rides vehicles include salvage title, clear title, repossessed, rebuilt, repairable, donated and parts-only units.
  • Online Exclusive Sale – Specialty – IAA Specialty is an online exclusive auction dedicated solely to light, medium and heavy-duty equipment, including trucks, boats, RVs and other large or unique items. Vehicles that are not traditional automobiles or motorcycles fall under this category. Specialty items can also include cranes, farm equipment, forestry equipment, trailers, motor homes, marine craft, personal watercraft, buses, and emergency equipment.

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