What are the Damage Codes?

Categories: Published On: September 19th, 2021

Damage Codes” are for reference only, these codes are indicated by the auction yard that is auctioning the vehicle. The auction company expressly disclaims the accuracy of Damage Codes, as information may not accurately reflect the type or extent of damage to any vehicle.

Damage codes are an indication of the primary impact area or damage to a vehicle.

All Over: Damaged in multiple spots
Engine Burn: The engine caught fire
Interior Burn: The inside of the vehicle caught fire
Exterior Burn: The outside of the vehicle caught fire
Total Burn: Vehicle has burn damage all over
Front End: Damaged by collision and has the front end bad
Electrical: Vehicle has damage to its electrical system
Mechanical: Damage includes but not limited to the transmission or the engine
Normal Wear & Tear: Typically in good condition
Strip: Parts missing from the vehicle
Unknown: Cannot accurately be represented
Bio Hazard: Chemical contamination
Frame: Damage or compromised frame or chassis
Hail: Damaged by hail
Rollover: Damaged by collision which it rolled over.
Right Side: Visible damage to the right side of the vehicle includes wheels and tires
Right Front: Visible damage to the right front of the vehicle
Right Rear: Sustained damage to the right rear, including but not limited to rear quarter panels
Roof: Damaged to the roof, doors, or tailgate tops
Undercarriage: Damaged underside including but not limited to the frame, body, axels, fuel tank, suspension.
Vandalism: Damage related to theft and break-ins
Flood: Damage by water
Salt Water: Damage by salt water
Flood: Vehicle has damage from a flood
Storm Damage: Damage done by a storm
Suspension: Damage to vehicles suspension can be front or rear
Theft: Visible damage to vehicle from theft
Transmission: Vehicle has damaged transmission
None: Vehicle has no damage

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