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Basic membership will have AutoBidBroker place a bid on your behalf.

With our Basic membership you can have AutoBidBroker bid on dealer auction on your behalf.  We place a pre-bid on the auction you request.

Broker Fee

Broker Fee $299 or 7% (Whichever Amount is Greater)

Basic Membership


Wholesale Prices

Having dealer access to Copart, Manheim and IAA provides the best opportunity to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices.

When you register for our Basic Membership you have us place a pre-bid on a vehicle from Copart, Manheim, or IAA.   With Copart and IAA you can go to their website and search their inventory.  You find what you want and provide us with their stock number and we place a pre-bid on that auction.  For Manheim you provide us with the vehicle information (year, make, model, odometer, etc) you are wanting to purchase we search Manheim and provide you  with a list of available vehicles  and place a pre-bid on the auction for you.  This membership is  also great for Buy It Now vehicles.  If you have any questions about our memberships please give us a call.

What Do You Get

AutoBidBroker provides the best experience for our members, and that includes offering support and services to make the buying process effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for our supreme membership is $329 and our cost for our premium membership is $189.

Setup of your IAA buyer account can take up to 24 hours to complete.  Typically we can have it setup much quicker.

Our support team is available Monday – Friday 9AM-7PM EST.

Membership can be paid with credit card we accept, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Your membership will automatically renew after 1 year.  You do have option to cancel membership at anytime.

You can cancel your membership at anytime.  Membership is non-refundable.


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

AutoBidBroker really helped me find and buy a vehicle, I had no understanding of how bidding worked but they showed me the way and I was able to purchase a car at a great price.

Sophia Jones

I highly recommend this company, they provided excellent service and the purchase went smoothly.  Thank You!

Harold Green

They were able to help me with bidding on a truck from, the account was setup quickly and I was ready to bid with their support.  Found some great deals, I’ll continue to use them as I’m still bidding on vehicles.

Grant Hanley

IAA has so many cars to bid on, I’ve been bidding on vehicles for some time now.  I was using an other broker but I didn’t like using their system to do the bidding.  AutoBidBroker provides direct access to IAA and I use their system to live bid.  With them I also have no hassles of going to the auction yard to inspect the vehicles.

Johnny Lewis

I usually bid for my boss, we buy heavy equipment and find good deals from auctions is pretty easy.  I like using this company since they are able to provide access to IAAI and I get my own buyer ID.  Much better way to bid.  Thanks!

Kelly Johnson

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