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How Do I Upgrade or Manage My Membership?

If you need to upgrade or manage your membership with AutoBidBroker you will do this from your Member Portal. You can access your member portal HERE. This section of your member portal will allow you to upgrade your membership, update the credit card used for membership renewal, and cancel your membership.

Under the Manage Membership section you will find your active membership and the available memberships. The active membership will have a small ribbon in the upper corner that says LIVE.

To cancel your membership you will click on View Plan of the active membership. If you click cancel you will get a popup with option to cancel IMMEDIATELY or AFTER ENDING DATE. If you click IMMEDIATELY we will close your account effect at click and if you click AFTER ENDING DATE your account will be canceled at the end of the paid period. Reminder there is no refund by canceling your AutoBidBroker membership.

Also under the View Plan you have the option to update the credit card that was used for purchasing the membership and the credit card that will be used for membership renewals.

If you have any questions or issues with your membership please do not hesitate to contact AutoBidBroker Support at (305) 359-6939.